2023 Rodeo Results

Thank you to everyone who competed and made the 28th Annual Montana Lineman's Rodeo a great success!

Ladies Pole Climb

1st place:
Jaycee McGowan

Top Overall Team

1ST place:
Bob Bandy

Colby Hagan

Myles Kelly

Northwestern Energy Missoula

2ND place:
Casey McGowan

Shane Bykonen

Sam Lamping

Local 44

3RD place:
Toby Claude

Curtis Norris

Brian Wheeler

Local 47/ Hotline

Top Overall Apprentice

1ST place:
Anthony Miller

MSLCAT/Rocky Mountain Contractors

2ND place:
Kristian Ross

Idaho Falls Power

3RD place:
Ron Lashley

MSLCAT/Rocky Mountain Contractors

Montana Lineman's Rodeo 30th Annual Raffle Winners
Chainsaw: Carol Secondi

Blackstone Griddle/Lone Mountain Cooler: Chris Fuchs

Kimber Rifle:  Jeremy Whittaker

Recon Stryker AWD e-bike: Beck Roby

Congratulations to all the winners!